"Please help us
save the dogs"

Help Stop Unfair Legislation
Endangered Breeds Association and American Dog Breeders Association offers the following guide in writing breed specific letters to your city/town councilmen; county officials; a newspaper's "Letters to the Editor" section; and state legislature members.

When BSL is being considered or promoted, all dog lovers should write in protest and be heard as a force. Write your own letters and make your voice heard.

Letters need to be kept brief and to the point - 200 to 250 words for newspapers and 300 words for politicians.

Breed clubs could meet and plan a number of letters and have each member enlist another supporter. Assist them to vary their letter somewhat, and plan to send letters the same day for maximum impact.


These will all end with "recent BSL legislation". Up to 21 words.


These will all end with "other dogs biting and attacking". Up to 22 words.





The US Supreme Court in Nicchia vs People of the State of New York, 254 US 228 (1920) gave police the power to regulate and control dangerous dogs with drastic measures as long as it does not infringe on dog owners' right to liberty with due process.

In 2002, the Alabama Surpreme Court affirmed a trial court decision that American Pit Bull Terriers are not dangerous. (Huntsville vs four pit bull pupies - Ala 08-30-02 No. 1010459).

In 2004, the Toledo Municipal Court ruled American Pit Bull Terriers are not dangerous and granted dog owners due process rights. (Telllings vs City of Toledo CRB-02-15267).

In 2004, the Ohio Supreme Court, in State vs Cowan, 103 Ohio St. 3d 144, 2004-Ohio-4777 struck down ORC955:11 which declared the Pit Bull vicious because it violates due process.

In 2005, the Oklahoma Attorney General, in issuing an opinion to Oklahoma's generic dangerous dog law, ruled cities and towns may not enact breed specific legislation.


  1. For every pit bull that kills or injures, there are hundreds of thousands that don't.
  2. Although there are no accurate or even near accurate census records for dogs in the US, in some populations, pit bulls are estimated to comprise some 30 to 40 percent of the dog population. That makes it a very popular breed. Considering that there were an estimated 53,000,000 dogs in the US, and assuming that pit bulls make up 10 percent of that population, there would be 5.3 million pit bulls in our society. In 2000, 13 pit bulls were involved in 8 fatal attacks. That is roughly one dog out of 204,000, or .000385 percent of the pit bull population.
  3. During a 37-year period (1965-2001) pit bulls have been blamed for an average of 2.48 human fatalities per year.
  4. Each year, 350 people drown in their bathtubs. A person is 151 times more likely to be killed in their own bathtub than by a pit bull.
  5. It is estimated that about 500 deaths per year are caused by aspirin. A person is more than 200 times more likely to die from taking aspirin than from a pit bull attack.
  6. Approximately 150 people are killed every year by falling coconuts. A person is more than 60 times more likely to be killed by a falling coconut than by a pit bull.
(Source: National Safety Council)